Design Analysis - Andrew, Isaac, Al

The design the first group presented was a design that doesn't involve much change with the classroom layout. The 20 computers on the window side of the classroom will be connected to a switch that will be hung at the far side of the classroom with a bracket. Trying to maximize easy access, coordination, and organization we will be using two and a half inch conduit on both sides of the desk. We will need about 50 feet of conduit to be safe. We will be able to fit 10 cables through each side very comfortably while keeping it organized in a clean fashion. The ten workstations are well placed for space and personal area. The overall layout should turn out to be very effective and cheap.

Inventory On Hand

- 50 feet of Cat5e wire

- Roughly 40 male ends

- 24 port switch

For this project we will need:

- 40' 2.5" conduits

- 10 faceplates 

- 10 boxes

- 10 brackets suitable for mounting the boxes

- 20 Cat5e jacks 

- A bracket suitable for mounting the switch

- 50' Cat5e cable